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Seeeekrit Proooject! What is it? You don't know! It could be anything! Check GLAM! over the next couple of days to see! (SEEEKRIT)
(Disclaimer: I might maybe be drunk. Possibly.)

EDIT: In other news, alcohol apparently makes my insomnia much, much worse. Good to know! I'm apparently never sleeping again, so I will work on the SEEEKRIT PROOOJECT instead.

EDIT THE SECOND: I AM GOING TO MURDER MY FUCKING CAT. I FINALLY feel tired enough to try sleeping and every goddamn time I start to drift off, bitch meows right in my fucking ear, or pounces on something on my floor, or starts BITING THE FAN (if you don't have a cat that bites the fan, THIS IS SUPER LOUD) and of course, now that I've given up and gotten back up, she's fucked off to somewhere else in the house.


United States
Duckie is a 26 year old Ohio native who's currently pretending to be a Chicagoan. He writes a lot of stuff that no one ever sees and pretends to be an artist in his spare time.

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Happy birthday!!! <3
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Just stopping by to say, "Hello!" :la: I am sorry Minecraft has taken control of your life. D: Your dolls are brilliant as always. <3
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I think you just inspired me to doll again *_* THANK YOU!
dnya Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Do it! :la:
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Is this: your profile on Artician?
I really want to use some of the Bases, and if they are yours I can link to your DA homepage (by Icon) and your Artician profile
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